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Welcome to the most comprehensive resource on the internet for learning how to play a 3 string cigar box guitar.

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Don't just take my word for it though, have a look around for yourself, starting with the two big ones.

The Starter Pack is a complete method for learning to drive your 3 string cigar box guitar.

88 seperate videos, nearly 10 hours in duration, over 50 pdf files, audio files, jam trax and more in two separate courses for fretted and fretless 3 string guitars.

More experienced players will also want to check out The Blues Pack, a comprehensive method for blues improvisation on a 3 string guitar.

Musician, professional educator and specialist in online training, Patrick Curley has made a concrete and significant contribution to the Cigar Box Guitar community. Check it out.

Supporting the Killer Blues Headstone Project


The blues is about payin' your dues so 10% of the cost of every Blues Pack will be heading back home. The Killer Blues Headstone Project pays respect to the great contributions of the blues pioneers by providing them with headstones where they don't have one. A travesty that needs to be redressed.

I'm brand new to this and need to get started, take me to The Starter  Pack


I can get around my instrument OK but I want to learn to improvise and play the blues. Take me to The Blues Pack. Vive La Revolution


There are many ways to make your learning more successful in an online course. One of those is by connecting with myself and other players to discuss how we're going and to help each other out.

This year I'm starting a new initiative Connect. It all starts at the Forum where you can, amongst other things, register for the LearnCigarBoxGuitar Connect community on YouTube.

To find out more....

Take a look inside

From the Blues Pack

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Your Free lesson

Here's the lesson format. There are a few things missing, the important Q and A section, the links to the other lessons, but essentially your lesson page looks like this.

This one for now contains the old (very old) free lessons from the Slidin' course I'll be updating them as soon as I get a chance.

Skype Lessons

I've researched widely to develop a successful method of delivering online training. Both The Starter Pack and The Blues Pack represent the best of current web based education practices.

In addition I'm now offering Skype Lessons to complete the most comprehensive method for learning cigar box guitar anywhere on the internet.

Buying a Cigar Box Guitar

The number one rule of buying a guitar is always, always, always play the thing first.

That's fine if the shop in town can order in any guitar you like but if you're buying a handmade boutique instrument that isn't always possible. Now there's this thing called the internet and we can buy stuff from all over the world but until we can play a guitar on another continent we struggle to obey that number one rule, but we can get close. Here's the rub.

Know what you want.

Step by Step

Have you ever entertained the thought that learning music is something that's just not for you? That some people can do it and other's just can't? That some people just have a gift and they're the only ones that can get any good at it? Well there's some truth in that.

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I have been reading and researching all I can about CBG's and I believe this course sounds like the most basic and in depth course I've found. I like the demos that I have watched and enjoy your laid back approach to them. Your explainations are easy to follow and to me at least make good sense. I am currently waiting for the email with download info and find myself a bit antsy.


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The Starter Pack Slidin' course


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To celebrate the launch of the latest Starter Pack Update I'm offering a free ebook on playing chords on a 3 string guitar.



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So, I built a 3-string CBG. Not sure how I got to that piont.

I've been making my way througn the original sliding course and have enjoyed it a lot.

Just completed the Starter Pack over the last two months.

Very impressed with this CBG Starter lesson pack.